DodoTs – A Dodo’s Thoughts

Some reflections of an extinct dodo about the relationship between humans and their environment – necessarily subjective, as coming from a species still furious about its own extirpation, but maybe helpful for your own thoughts. Squak!



Until now I have only been tweeting #dodopanic through my dear human medium that lends me its fingers to speak out to the world what comes to my mind when visiting human events related to the human-environment-relationship around the world and scrolling through the digital virtual spheres of mankind, being myself a virtual ghost from extinction heaven. But sometimes, 140 human letters are not enough to make you understand the complexities I want to point to. So I convinced my human medium to use some of its spare time for more finger lending for me, starting off into blogshere (not Vogshere – yes, even dodos have read their Douglas Adams, of course, see Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency – I want that time machine!).

The reason for this step is easy: the 27th ICCB congress, Montpellier, 3rd-6th of August 2015, and how all these witty, wonderfully dedicated humans broadly fail to make a major step forward in conservation of species and habitats, though they might perceive this differently.


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